Mud Play (どろんこ)! Clothes cleaning tip


Hello!!! This is MAY in a short post!

Today I would like to share something that helped me a lot.
It started the season of playing in the mud (どろんこ)at my son’s daycare. Playing in the mud has many benefits for children, from improving their immune system to their eyesight. However, I could not ignore the fact that the clothes used become almost unrecognizable.
The first day, I unsuspectingly put on a “good” outfit, and of course, the t-shirt came back all dirty with mud. As a newbie mom, I have learned that mud does not come off easily from clothes. Did you know that?

I soaked for two days in “Oxi Clean” powder (until then, for me, this powder was miraculous!!! Like a magic powder to clean clothes). I scrubbed it and put it in the washing machine. Not much came out.
So I was giving up on this shirt when I read in several Japanese blogs that this bar soap (figure below) was recommended to get the mud off. The name is ウタマロ(utamaro).

Show the bar soap
Bar soap indicated to remove mud from clothes.

I decided to test it and was surprised! I got almost all of it out! Maybe all of it would have come off if I had washed it the day it came dirty!

Before and After
Left photo: T-shirt still dirty after soaking for 2 days using Oxi Clean and washing machine. Right photo: result after using ウタマロ. I scrubbed it a bit and put it soapy in the washing machine.

Test it!!! Best of all, one bar cost me less than ¥100.
(Note: this is not advertising! I am a foreigner trying to adapt to a country completely different from my own).

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